Services Offered by PDA Health

Events First Aid Standby


Injuries forms a common part of a social or sporting event. Being able to provide expert assistance to these injured people will reduce your liability and promote a great image to the public! The SANS 10366 provides requirements for the Health and Safety at events.
PDA Health will only provide First Aid staff that holds a valid, accredited certificate. First Aiders at the event will be able to attend to all medical and trauma related incidents that may present at the event.
PDA Health also aligns itself to the Boksmart principles and protocols surrounding rugby to ensure that all the players are given proper medical care
Where there is a requirement, PDA Health will supply (or source) medical staff (Basic Life Support, Intermediate Life Support or Advanced Life support).



Event First Aid Standby,Level 1,2 or 3 First Aider depending on availability,R70/hour



Doula Services


A Doula is a Birthing assistant that supports the mother and father by providing emotional and physical support to a mother during her pregnancy journey as well after the birth. Your Doula will be your support companion trained in Natural Childbirth. Your Doula does not make decisions for you, she will support you in the decisions you feel are best for you, your baby and your family by providing informational support.


During the labor and birth the Doula will help the mother by providing holistic pain management techniques which will assist to have a natural Birth. Having a Doula will help you to get the birth experience you want.


The services I am offering is:
• Hospital Births                                              • Home Births
• Water Births                                                 • VBAC
• Antenatal Classes                                         • Parenting Classes
• Breastfeeding Guidance


Cost: R1800 pre-payment for 24 hours’ service, any refund or additional payment will be determined with the last post-natal visit.



Snake Removals


PDA can assist in the removal and relocation of snakes to anyone within the immediate area.


Where it is found that we are unable to assist we will refer you to another local snake handler for assistance


R350 per call out in the Amanzimtoti Area

Office Inspection


PDA Health Pty Ltd provides a value added service of doing in house inspections for clients. These inspections are conducted to assist the enterprises to achieve a workplace that complies, as far as reasonably practicable, a safe workplace to comply with both the constitution of South Africa as well as section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.
The inspections takes part on a three phase Program which will include an Initial assessment, A client based report and then a secondary assessment. PDA Health does it in this manner to ensure that the client is granted the best possible opportunity to correct any risks and hazards that may be found during the initial assessment.


PDA Health will assist all Small to Large Companies
With their safety to assure that all staff is taken care


R100 per hour for the time we spend at your premises
R75 per hour for time spend compiling the audit report