Local Heroes

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23 April 2019 was a humbling day for Amanzimtoti and its community when 42mm of water descended upon us from the heavens above.


Around 07h30 a urgent message went out on a local whatsapp group surrounding a collapsed house with people still inside of it.  Stefan, Dylan and Bhaja from PDA Health went out to assist with what was reported as a building collapse with entrapment. Upon arrival we found VEMA and other essential services on scene who reported that all the occupants were successfully evacuated. We were broken hear-ted as we had to see a family’s hard work and lives fall in bit by bit.

We were then advised of a patient in a bordering property who fell. The patient was found on his floor with a suspected spinal injury and a head wound, he was eventually transported to hospital. Thank you to everyone who helped! We also went and assisted with the removal of a collapsed tree that was blocking the road.